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Kids Classes

Martial arts are ideal for children of all ages. Training is specifically designed for the young mind, increasing motor skills, concentration levels, coordination, discipline, self-esteem, confidence, and martial art skills. Our classes are both fun and educational, children who practice martial arts achieve more at school. Lancs Martial Arts doesn't run kids clubs as we see then as young martial artists.

Learning martial arts with us offers many benefits above and beyond what you would expect to find at most martial arts or sports clubs. TaeKwonDo is a dynamic and visually pleasing martial art. It is based on kinetic energy and therefore does not rely on strength or brute force, making it ideal for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes.

Many dangerous moves are not taught to the children, but lessons are no less fun and exciting. Children also gain self-esteem, confidence, learn discipline and increase their martial art skills and knowledge. They also learn vital knowledge to help stop bullying at school and combat stress from exams.


The benefits of young children learning a martial art are important to everyday life. Within martial arts children develop bundles of self confidence and self-esteem which overflows into all areas of their lives, especially with regards to school work.

With activities in schools on the decline maintaining your childs health is an important issue. Children are normally already fit but martial arts helps them retain that fitness. Martial Arts gives children something to be proud of, because it is a goal they can achieve for themselves.

Children learn discipline and respect not only for others but for themselves as well. Children at Lancs Martial Arts have fun in classes but they are not play schooled. Children are expected to behave and are guided towards the mental discipline that older martial artists display, so they develop their minds as well as their bodies.


We have many children that train with their parents as well as with their brothers and sisters who all train together on a regular basis.