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Senior Instructor Mr E Walker

Mr Elliott S Walker 5th Dan Black Belt is an International Instructor, and principle instructor for Lancs TKD.

Mr Walker began training in TaeKwonDo in 1989 aged 15 with Mr Brian Williams 7th Dan Black Belt at the North West TAGB Clubs. He achieved his 7th Kup before he joined the British Army. After this he trained at various clubs and associations in the UK including the UKTA, BUTF, GTI  and WTF clubs. He graded with the TAGB until his 1st Kup, during this time he was graded by such examiners as Master Ron Sergiew, Master Kenny Walton, and Dorian Bytom at his academy.  

Mr Walker achieved his Black Belt with North West TaeKwonDo, Mr Brian Williams' new association. After this time Mr Walker began instructing and has continued to grade, achieving his 5th Dan Black Belt with Mr Williams. Mr Walker was posted to Germany whilst in the Army, here he trained with a WTF club learning the different kicking techniques which the WTF utilise.  Mr Walker also trained in Canada during his time in the Army.  

In the forming of the Army Martial Arts Association, Mr Walker was selected for the British Army TaeKwonDo Team, and was present in the team until he left HM Forces. During that time Mr Walker was British Army Patterns and Sparring Champion.  Mr Walker also contributed to the Army becoming Inter Service Champions on numerous occasions.  Mr Walker now focuses on passing on his vast experience to his students and has also been asked to appear in TKD patterns books, and has trained numerous local, national and World Champions.

Instructor Miss Chloe Bevan

Miss Chloe Bevan has been training under Mr Walker for over five years.  Miss Bevan regularly takes training and oversees the development of the junior grades.  Miss Bevan runs the Little Dragons classes.

Miss Bevan regularly competes at National and International Level.  Miss Bevan has featured many times in local and national news and is currently a World Champion at sparring.