Using the fitness elements within martial arts we offer fitness classes with more benefits than most. Our classes are based on real martial arts training and cutting edge fitness techniques, so you will not only increase your fitness levels but will tone your body and lose weight. You will also increase your power to strength ratio giving you added confidence and overall well being.

Our classes and private tuition are ideal for all levels as you work at your own pace with instructors that know not just how to develop fitness. As we very much believe in being “fit to fight” Lancashire Martial Arts offers fitness classes every week as part of their regular classes. Enabling everyone to get fit, get trim, tone up, lose weight, develop confidence and of course, stay that way.

Classes are based around the real martial arts training we do and involve stretching for health and blood flow, cardio exercises, pad work, bag work, circuits and of course martial arts movements. Classes are designed to help you push yourself, but of course you set your own pace and step up the gears when you feel ready, making our classes ideal for beginners and athletes alike, with the added bonus of learning martial arts.

Our classes are fun and enjoyable and ideal for all ages and all family members. Classes never become boring, as instructors always keep surprises in store to help you push yourself and get where you want to go.

Benefits Include:

•Increased Cardio-vascular capacity

•More toned physique

•Increased flexibity

•Exercise boosts energy

•Exercise controls weight

•Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

•Builds your muscular strength and endurance

•Increases bone density

•Increases your stamina and ability to do continuous work

•Improves your balance and coordination

•Slows the aging process

•Adds active years to your life