One Step Sparring

Ready stance for the attacker and defender:  Parallel ready stance.

All – Attacker – Single punch with right then left side.

Defender – Block or dodge attacks with properly formed techniques either with hand or foot. All counter attacks must be repeated on each side.
Students should balance counter attacks equally between hand and foot techniques. All kicks must use traditional foot positions.

No front leg sparring kicks to be used.

Some examples can be seen in the video below.

Semi-Free Sparring

Ready stance for the attacker and defender:  Right leg back in L stance in forearm guarding block

All  –  Attacker  – The attacker should use a variety of kicks to show good technique with traditional foot positions only. Please note no front leg kicks are permitted.

Defender – Block all kicks with properly formed blocks. All blocks should be completed in proper stances.

Points to Remember

Always be willing to help, especially those who are less fortunate or successful than yourself.
Always be polite and show respect to all people.
Always persevere with learning and be prepared to practice to make perfect
Always be modest in what you do but confident in execution.
Always exercise control and never be aggressive, especially with fellow students.
Always train hard, set goals and aim to achieve them.
You are what you do! Self-Discipline beats talent, work hard to achieve your goals and don’t make excuses.

Be accountable with yourself and demonstrate in word and deed to others.

Being a Black is a state of mind not a belt, be willing to do what others are not!