Dragons Membership Renewal




Ages 3 years to 5 years

Your son or daughter is due to apply for membership with NWTKD. The membership payment includes basic insurance with Towry Law Risk Solutions Ltd and membership of the Association. Having applied you will receive a membership booklet which must remain valid at all times.


I understand that there may be physical risk in the practice of TAEKWONDO. I have watched the art being taught and agree that as a condition of membership not to hold North West Schools Instructors or students liable for any injury that I may sustain while practising or competing in TAEKWONDO.


The membership provides this basic insurance and membership to the association. You need to apply for this when you join or within 4 weeks of expiry. Please note: If you do NOT hold valid membership/Insurance - You are NOT eligible to train!

By completing this application you agree to the membership terms and conditions of North West TaeKwonDo (Sport & Fitness) Limited