Student/Parent Code of Conduct COVID19 v4

    Drop Off and Pick Up

    1.Parents and students SHOULD NOT congregate before or after sessions.
    2.Parents and students SHOULD follow one way systems into and exiting venues/halls where available.
    3.Parents and students MUST pre-book their sessions, in order to maintain any venue capacity limits. 
    4.Parents and students MUST NOT attend sessions that they have not booked in advance.
    5.Parents and students SHOULD maintain social distancing where possible before, during and after class. Inclusive of  waiting in cars until the session start times.
    6.Anyone over the age of 11 years is asked to wear face masks within the training building, until they are in the main training hall participating in training.
    7.QR codes will be available to record contact information for NHS Test and Trace (England).

    Before Class

    8.Parents and students MUST NOT attend class if they are displaying any COVID symptoms.
    9.Parents and students MUST NOT attend class if they have come into contact with any person displaying COVID  symptoms.
    10.Parents and students MUST be aware they will be temperature checked when they enter classes/venues.
    11.Parents and students MUST inform Instructors if they are in the extremely vulnerable group. People in this group may choose to attend physical classes, however strict social distancing will be maintained.
    12.Parents and students SHOULD try to ensure that they travel to venue by private transport/walking where possible.
    13.Students MUST disinfect and clean all personal pads and equipment being brought to EACH class. 

    During Class

    14.Parents and students SHOULD maintain social distancing during drop off, training and collection.
    15.Parents and students SHOULD follow social distancing floor markers and spots appropriate to venue.
    16.Parents and students MUST raise attention immediately if they feel unwell.
    17.Parents and students are informed that hand sanitiser and tissues will be provided at each venue.
    18.Contact activities will be managed in a case by case basis. Where no contact is required normal social distancing guidelines should be maintained. Students may be allocated training bubbles, to limit their overall contact with other students in class. 
    19.Students classified as Extremely Clinically Vulnerable will maintain 2m social distancing throughout class.
    20.Parents and students are made aware that there is an increased risk of contracting COVID19 through participating in martial arts, particularly in activities that require participants within a 2m distance of one another. 

    Cleaning and Between Sessions

    21.The equipment MUST be cleaned between every sessions and at every location.


    22.Parents and students MUST be aware that there will be NO changing facilities. Parents and students MUST arrive ready to train.
    23.Parents and students MUST be aware that not all venues will have toilet availability.


    24.Parents and students MUST keep contact of common areas to a minimum.
    25.Parents and students MUST be use bins provided.
    26.Parents and students MUST be bring their own drinks and NOT share drinks with other parents or students.
    27.Parents and students MUST NOT give any money directly in class.
    28.Parents and students MUST disinfect and clean all personal pads and equipment being brought to class after each class. 
    29.Parents and students MUST use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving venues/halls.
    30.Parents and students MUST wash their hands in line with Government guidance before attending class. For example, 20  secs.
    31.Parents and students MUST be aware first aid support will be provided in line with Government guidelines.


    32.Parents and students MUST ensure that all other communications for feedback, orders, grading's etc., will take place virtually outside of the training session.
    33.Parents and students MUST inform Instructors if they have had a negative or positive COVID test in relation to class attendance. If the result is negative, you will be able to return to class if you are physically well. If the result is positive,  you will be asked not to attend class in line with Government advice.
    34.Parents and students are informed that class attendance will be taken in case of the need to use NHS track and trace.
    35.Parents and students MUST highlight issues or raise questions appropriately.
    36.Parents and students are informed that the Guidance will be under constant review and will amended in line with the latest Government and approved NGB advice.

    Contact Information

    37.Parents MUST provide Instructors with contacts details for during class times for emergency and toilet control, when  venue toilets are not available.
    38.Parents MUST stay in the local vicinity in order to collect their child at all times.
    39.One single carer or parent with children in under 5 year’s old classes MUST stay with their child during classes. NO more than a single carer is allowed, will be reviewed on a risk based approach and may be venue dependant.
    40.Parents with children in over 5 years old classes MUST stay in the local vicinity available for toilet or emergency contact. 
    41.Parents will NOT be able to stay with children in classes over 5 years old, unless there is a specific need to do so. Masks must be worn if spectating and any venue limits must be complied with. 

    Training & readiness

    42.Parents and students MUST sign the Code of Conduct AND provide full and up to date contact details before returning to  physical classes.

    Please complete the below form submission below

    I confirm I have read and agree to the conditions and restrictions in the Student/Parent code of conduct.
    I confirm I will not attend training if I or a member of my household has Covid 19 symptoms.
    I confirm I am aware that there is an increase in transmission risk associated with partaking in even socially distanced activity  and I am aware of this when opting to participate in Martial Arts activity. 
    The transmission risk associated with contact activities is higher even with mitigating measures in place and I am aware of this  when opting to participate in contact Martial Arts activity.

    Covid Declaration.

    Student Information:

    Please select the applicable statement below
    1. I am not in the ‘Critically Vulnerable’ Covid 19 category and wish to partake in contact activities.
    2. I am in the ‘Critically Vulnerable’ Covid 19 category and I do not feel comfortable with contact activities at this time.